This Mistake Cost Me $10,000

This Mistake Cost Me $10,000

Hey guys,

This is my second update since I have started logging my journey.

I've made some mistakes since the video and I will detail some below.

I lost 10k.

10k of my profits which is a good thing.

Now, why did that happen?

I disobeyed my number one rule of investing.

And that is.

Always test.

Test with fake money before your real money.

Lesson learnt yet again and I hope if you're using Bitsgap, you take note and do the same.

Now, the good news.

I have clawed back 5k or so in the time since that loss.

I came out of that loss with some strong lessons and my results show.

Please note that all of the profits I have generated I have reinvested back into bots as of yesterday.

Here is a snapshot of my balances at the start of this journey and at the time of writing this post.

Initial Starting Investment: 77.2k USD - 105.7k AUD

Current Balance: 96.5k USD - 132.2k AUD

Profit: 19.3k USD -  26.4K AUD

% of Balance In Market: 100%

All conversion rates are at current market prices.

(1 USD = 1.37 AUD)

I did mention I have over 137k AUD in the market right now, and that is true.

I threw in another 6k and from next update the new balance will be reflected.

Thanks for reading and please check back every 24 hours for an update.

Safe trading.