I Wish Someone Told Me This About Bitsgap's Trailing Down & Backtesting Features.

I Wish Someone Told Me This About Bitsgap's Trailing Down & Backtesting Features.
Please note, at the point, I explain the trailing down feature and backtesting issue, I accidentally am referencing the wrong price. Lower price instead of the stop trailing down price of 2.547. However, if you take a look below 2.547, you will notice trades that should not have been executed.

The title says it all.

I like to make informed decisions and ones that are backed with data at all times.


It's just a wild guess.

I thought the data within Bitsgap was a true and accurate representation of the settings I was putting into the bot.

However, after a deep analysis of poor-performing bots, I have found a few flaws within the Bitsgap trailing down and Backtesting features.

Since my journey, I have lost out twice.

Once to the tune of 10k.


My most recent loss comes in at a tidy sum of 6k.

In total 16k.

Most of which, I think comes down to these two features as I commenced using them heavily after my first 10 days.

As I said in my earlier videos, poor performance or a loss is an opportunity to learn and to solidify a stronger understanding and strategy moving forward.  

This one is a huge learning for me.

As always.

Safe trading.


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