20% In 2 Days.

20% In 2 Days.

Usually I like to let things run for a few days before making a call.

But this time, I decided to take some profit.

The reason I love grid trading more so than the traditional buy and hold is for this primary reason.

You get realised gains straight away in the form of bot profit.

In buy and hold scenarios, you only realise a gain once you sell your whole position.

In saying that, in this scenario, it was not only a realised gain. But an underlying asset gain also.

I was up 26% overall. Bot profit making up 20% of that portion. I held some base currency (TROY) from trailing down and the price kept rising.

Having lost 10k a few days prior, I decided I need to take a more systematic approach to taking profit.

So, after a 6% drop.

I sold my position for a nice gain.

I will now sit tight and see what the market does come morning time.

If I feel it has stabilised, I will buy back in, as I like this coin a lot.

I am researching a lot into candle formations, EMA among other things which will no doubt super charge the results I have already been able to achieve with zero technical knowledge.

As always.

Safe trading.