Beginners Beware (Must Read)

Beginners Beware (Must Read)

We all start somewhere...

And when you start, there are PLENTY of mistakes to be made.

I've spent countless hours learning, testing, and trading on Bitsgap.
I'm talking 12-14 hours days for weeks straight, testing and questioning everything.

Why so obsessed you ask?

  1. I think crypto and Bitsgap grid bot trading provide a fascinating opportunity to make money.
  2. I'm investing my hard-earned money, I need to know how everything worked FAST, so I could find out how to best leverage my money, and not lose money.

I've had to learn a lot of lessons the hard way, so here are my top 3 tips to give you a bit of headstart for success and things to beware of.

1. Avoid The Noise

There's so much noise about Bitsgap and cryptocurrency, particularly on Youtube Discord, Telegram, and Facebook Groups.

I'm sure you've seen it all before...

"I've been crushing it with these coin pairs and settings...blah blah blah, come join Bitsgap here, come join my telegram" is how it's typically phrased.

But how do you know if they're genuine? Perhaps they were completed in demo mode?

Don't take their advice, do your due diligence, don't get bogged down in the myth of magical coin pairs and settings. They don't exist.

Would you take any financial advice or settings/coin pairs for the investment of your hard-earned money from someone random on the street? If not, why do it over the internet?

The majority of my time was spent trying to understand how everything worked, rather than following some random person's coin pair and grid settings.

If you're just starting out I highly recommend avoiding the noise and focusing on understanding how the bot works. You'll have a much higher chance of success when you focus on this rather than magic Bitsgap coin pair settings.

Be smart, and don't fall for the hype, you'll save a lot of time and money!

2. Test On Demo ALWAYS!

I understand people want to just go live and see if their strategy works.

But first, try coin pairs and settings on DEMO first!

Hot Tip: In order to test two different settings on a coin pair in demo mode, set each up via different exchanges. For example SOL/USDT on both Binance & Kucoin.

And then you'll have that peace of mind knowing if it works or not. You can even start on DEMO with a coin pair and settings, and once you feel comfortable you can move your way to the live version of the bot!

A lot of people underestimate testing their coin pairs and settings in demo mode, I think what drives people to skip testing in demo is FOMO. In my opinion crypto is still in its infancy and there are so many opportunities to make money botting. I've personally spent hours (and still do) testing strategies on DEMO before taking it live, I'd rather lose demo money before losing my own real money.

The most important thing you can do is to take your time and understand how the Bitsgap bot works, if you don't understand it 100% then avoid going live or investing any real money until it clicks.

3. Watch These Videos

Transparency is my number one priority and I can guarantee you that magic settings and coin pairs are not the basis of my results.

These videos below will give you a great headstart into understanding & learning how to trade on Bitsgap. You can also check out others I have made on my Youtube channel.

Bitsgap Bot Beginner Tutorial

In this video, I walk you through a Beginners' Tutorial of the Bitsgap Trading Bot, as well as cover a few grid bot & trading fundamentals.

The Best Coin Pair Settings (Important)

In this video I break down the myth of magic coin pair settings, this is critical to understand, don't start trading without watching this video.  

How to Setup Profitable Grid Bots (Very Important)

This strategy came from questioning everything I had seen and heard regarding the setup and launch of grid bots. My launch strategy has received widespread support from traders in the Bitsgap community and is now commonly used.

4. Bitsgap Accelerator (Bonus)

If you're serious about growing your Bitsgap crypto portfolio and want to shortcut your success I recommend checking out my online course Bitsgap Accelerator.

This is the course I wish I had when I started my Bitsgap journey. It's crazy for me to think of how much time and money I could have saved if I could have had access to a course like this when I started.

I've spent countless hours learning and testing on Bitsgap, this course is your shortcut to the lessons I've learned from investing over $180,000, making over $25,000 worth of mistakes, $43,000 of profit, and running and testing over 423 bots.

Save your time and money, cut through the noise, learn processes and strategies that work.

Click here to check out Bitsgap Accelerator.

As always,

Safe trading