Bitsgap Review (Honest & In-Depth)

Bitsgap Review (Honest & In-Depth)

This is my honest and unbiased review of Bitsgap, this is not a promotion and I'm not sponsored.

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I had never done day trading prior to jumping into using Bitsgap crypto trading bots. The extent of my trading had been buying and holding through platforms such as E-Toro ($200k). And I've also had traditional stocks ($300k).

I knew that day trading wasn't something that I wanted to do because it required too much effort. And that's why I landed on the bots after a lot of research.

Now, did I just land on Bitsgap randomly?

No, I didn't. I did my research.

I looked at all the competitors extensively and I decided on Bitsgap.

I would like to think my review holds quite a bit of weight, I've invested over $250,000 through the Bitsgap platform and run hundreds of bots, I can confidently say I've tested Bitsgap extensively (more than most), I've met and even been asked by their CEO to run video tutorials for the platform.

User Interface

The Bitsgap user interface is one of the best features in my opinion. I'm a bit of a visual learner and I like to test and see how things react.

I really like the user interface and the embedded trading chart on Bitsgap. If you didn't have this, it'd be very hard to learn.

A lot of other platforms do similar things to Bitsgap, but they don't have the chart, so you really can't see where you're going and how everything works.  

I found this very helpful for me. Not only learning and testing but how it actually forms a grid, which is a very important thing when you trade using grid bots.

I like to see the grid and trading chart, and a lot of the other platforms/software doesn't have that functionality.

Trailing Up & Trailing Down

Trailing up/down enables me to follow the market in any direction.

The Trailing Up option allows you to move the entire grid if the price continues to increase. This feature will move your entire grid to follow the price automatically. It makes your bot work almost indefinitely if the price is going up.

Because the Bitsgap interface allows me to visualize the grid, I could easily test, learn and understand the trailing up/down.

When I use this feature, l can see my grid trailing up/down to that particular price in the market, which is extremely useful.

Take Profit

Bitsgap allows you to enter a percentage at which you would like to take profit and close a bot. Something that a lot of the other crypto trading bot platforms don't have.

I like it because I can just enter a percentage I would like for my take profit, and I don't need to monitor my bots.

If the bot hits that certain percentage, it automatically takes that profit.

Stop Loss

You can drag your stop loss, as well as enter an exact price within Bitsgap. I can visually see it which is why I like it so much.

The ability to see if the price is getting close to my stop loss is really important to me, and being able to change it quickly and easily is a big advantage.


The backtesting feature of Bitsgap is the allow one I've seen within any crypto trading bot software.

For other platforms, you may have to use a third party, but the backtesting within Bitsgap is native for the platform.

Using the backtesting feature you can see, how would my bot settings and parameters have back tested and worked in the previous 1, 7, 30 days?

In other software like Bitsgap,  you can put your settings in and might get a backtest for 7 days at most.  This is not a really good indicator, then for others, they may not have it at all.

Backtesting allows you to come up with a strategy, test that strategy, see how it would've worked. I can see on the chart, how the bot interacted and worked with different market scenarios, understand how much profit it would've made,

I can see it visually. I'm able to think if I tweaked this what would happen. Learning through the is visual aids is very important. I think they've done it really well within this interface.

Demo Mode

I think demo mode is an awesome and highly underrated feature. It lets you split test and do a lot of learning, then take the best parts of your learning into live accounts.

While you're in live you can still continue to test and build your knowledge using demo mode.

When I was trading, using all of my funds, I had three accounts running. I had the majority of my bots running. So 40, 50, 60 bots in live at one time, plus I had demo accounts. So I had 60 in live. And then I might have 60 in demo mode.

So I was learning very rapidly, I wouldn't have been able to do that without demo mode.

I was able to compound my learning. And when you can compound your learning through the way in which they allow us through demo mode, it makes your strategies, your understanding so much stronger for when you take things into your 'live account'.

A lot of people want to rush into and test things, but you can do it without your own money and further build and solidify your strategies.

Strategies Section

Another thing I like within Bitsgap is the artificial intelligence and machine learning strategies section. These strategies are good indicators for me. I use them as indicators for maybe searching for coins, looking for coins and pairs that could align to my goals.

Haven't seen anything like that on the other bots when I did my research. So it's really interesting and a bonus for me.


Some crypto-bot trading software is built on exchanges, which limits the number of exchanges and potential coin pairs you cant trade.

Bitsgap has about 27 exchanges that you can link to your exchange using an API. A lot of the other competitors have less than that. So they're really making headway on that front. And I like that the exchanges are easily accessible in one location.

Having access to multiple exchanges gives me more flexibility and access to different coin pairs if I want them.

Plans & Pricing

Bitsgap has three pricing plans. I'm on the highest plan, so I get access to the 20 bots with all the features. nIn my opinion, you need to have take profit and you want to trail up to really get the most out of your bots

If you are considering using a basic plan because you can't afford the pro plan. I would recommend decreasing how you're going to invest so you can get the pro plan.

The reason being I think having trailing up/down and take profit features are important and are going to help you make money.

In my personal opinion, Bitsgap is the best crypto trading bot software on the market. It has the best features and user interface which makes it really user-friendly and enjoyable to learn and trade using crypto trading bots.

I would definitely recommend Bitsgap to anyone whether they are a beginner or experienced crypto trader.  

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So all in all, I'm very impressed with Bitsgap. There are a lot of features here that I really like and overall the platform is simple and easy to use, the user interface and experience is second to none.

If you're thinking of getting into crypto bot trading, then I definitely recommend checking out Bitsgap.  So you can try it out yourself and see if it's for you.

Unlike other software and platforms, the core business and focus of Bitsgap is crypto bots, I'm really excited for future developments and the features they add to further enhance returns and results.