I Broke My 2nd Rule of Trading.

I Broke My 2nd Rule of Trading.

What is it?


You're the last one to find out.

That's why.

The smart guys are taking the cash, while suckers like us pour our money in.

The story goes like this.

Binance and their push notifications got me yet again.

Usually, my phone is on do not disturb.

But this time it was not.

So what happens.

A notification pops up.

SUN has pumped 32%.

I'm a fan of SUN as it is a TRON project.

So I decided to enter the market.

Not using a bot.

But a smart trade within the Bitsgap platform.

Here is a screenshot.

What a sucker I am.

I'm hanging up at that yellow line.


I believe in the project.

I have a 100% take profit.

So let's see where I end up with this.

A great way to test the smart feature.

But, let this be a lesson.


Trade the chart.

I let my emotions take over and I forgot to trade the chart.

So I broke 2 rules in 1.

I made a mistake.

Let's see if this trade takes me to the sun.

Or, whether I throw it into a bot and recoup my losses.

Time will tell.

Until then.  

Safe trading.