Fear Of Missing Out: NFT's

Fear Of Missing Out: NFT's

It's the latest craze in the crypto world!

Everyone is talking about it, that's right it's...

NFT's: Non-fungible tokens

And apparently, there are...

And that's enough to give anyone FOMO, including me.
So naturally, I had to investigate a little...

Now before we dive into things, I don't claim to be an NFT expert.

Before I start investing precious time investigating anything further I like to scratch to the surface level...

First, to see if it piques my interest further, and secondly determine whether the opportunities are worth the time, risk, further research, and money.

Doing this helps me understand at a basic level what is happening and allows me to make some sort of informed decision to pursue it at this very moment or not, it also stops FOMO from rearing its head every time NFT's are mentioned.

I've seen Gary Vaynerchuck and other various entrepreneurs/celebrities speaking about NFT's, but have never dug deeper any further than that.

Now the guys I mention here are not what I would consider authoritative in the space by any means, but give a surface-level look into NFT's.

I came across this video by Alex Becker, an e-commerce guru who seems to go a little deeper. I've watched his content in the past being in the e-commerce space myself, and always take his content with a grain of salt, especially his clickbait titles, but I was keen to hear what he had to say.

In my opinion, Alex does quite a good job outlining the risks of buying and selling NFT's on the platform OpenSea and gives a high level insight.

Then there is Jordan Welch, another e-commerce guru, I've never watched his content but after seeing the headline of his video I wanted to find out more. He shares his authentic journey navigating the murky waters of purchasing NFT's, the profits and losses, the highs and lows. I think it's well worth a watch...

After watching these videos, plus reading some more articles, I have made my decision for now.

I think there are some great opportunities with NFT's for graphic designers, digital artists, and people alike. And seems to be a potential for a lot of money to be made if done correctly, but for someone like me, I can't justify focusing my attention on this realm of NFT's, especially considering the speculation, time, and risk associated. (maybe somewhere in the future)


That's not to say I'm right and it's not for you...

At the very least, I hope this post and videos have given you a little starting point to potentially dig a little deeper and decide for yourself.

If I go deeper myself, or if anything captures my attention, I'll let you know first.