Profit Update: 29k

Profit Update: 29k

Hey guys,

Dropping a quick balance and profit update since my last update and Youtube video.

To refresh your memory, this was the last update on my balances.

Initial Starting Investment: 77.2k USD - 105.7k AUD

Current Balance: 96.5k USD - 132.2k AUD

Profits: 19.3k USD -  26.4K AUD

Now, let me warn you.

The numbers you're about to see are much higher, and this is for one reason.

I have dumped more money into these bots.

Why have I done this?

2 reasons.

Bitsgap are now allowing 20 bots in their pro plan.


I am using the trailing down feature and want to ensure I always have USDT/BUSD in my accounts at all times.

However, this does not impact my profits.

Because, profits are profits.

Let's take a look at my wallet balances now.

Account 1 
Account 2

They come to a total of:

$120.2k USD - $164.6 AUD

So, how is this balance split up?

In simple terms.

I have invested: $98.9k USD - $135.4k AUD

My current balance is: $120.2k USD - $164.6 AUD

My current profits are: $21.3k USD - 29.0k AUD

% of money in market: 87%

Now, you might be thinking.

He was at 29k a few days ago.

What happened?

Well you need to remember I lost 10k the very next day after my first video and I have been working hard to claw it back.

Which I have done.

So it's onwards and upwards from here.

This week will be a huge week of analysis of bot performance in addition to diving deep into charts and candles.

I am well ahead of track on the 2% per day, which is a great result.

Let's see how the second half of this month pans out.

Safe trading.