Timing Isn't Everything. But Timing It Is F#cking Great.

Timing Isn't Everything. But Timing It Is F#cking Great.

These bots look pretty similar.

Similar investment size.

Similar overall value change.

Similar bot profit.

But there is one thing different.

And it's huge.

It's something I have been working on learning.

That's right.

You guessed it.

Timing the market.

See, when I launched my bots previously.

I'd launch them at the top of a rally.

Mid-way down on a downtrend.

The worst possible times for a buy low, sell high bot.

A wall street trader would laugh in my face.

But, I've been researching.

And learning the fundamentals of trading.

Volume. Market Participation. Candle Formations. Trend Identification. Supports & Resistances.

You name it.

I've spent 40 hours, minimum researching this stuff.

And, well, the results show.

I've generated the same, or near enough return on the same coin pair in less than a 3rd of the time.

The difference.

I timed the market.

I studied the charts.

And it paid off.

They say it's an art form and not a science.

I hope to become an artist.

Safe trading.