Using Bitsgap Bot? You Should Know This! (Warning)

Using Bitsgap Bot? You Should Know This! (Warning)

I knew this time would come.  

But I didn't think it would come when I went out for a surf.

An average surf at that.

Off the grid and vulnerable.

Returned to a sell-off and acted emotionally.

Funny thing was, I was actually working on plugging this gap and closing out this vulnerability.

Fear comes from not knowing the risks.

And I had no clue what was at stake as my phone jammed up and exchanges were getting pumped.

The fear was real.

Could have lost it all.

Not one stop loss in place.

Silly, I know.

My fear was driven by the unknown.

Risk is not knowing.

This is a prime example of needing a complete strategy. No holes in the boat.

Take profits, stop losses, the works.

I'm glad this day came.

I'm now more knowledgeable than ever.

Wheeled back my loss in record time.

And it's onwards and upwards.

I hope this helps you too.

As always.

Safe trading. Safer now...


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P.S Price increasing Wednesday 10th November 2021 (AEST)