Podcast: Tim Ferris, Naval Ravikant & Chris Dixon

Podcast: Tim Ferris, Naval Ravikant & Chris Dixon

There is a lot of speculation around cryptocurrency...

Especially with all the stories of overnight millionaires, shit coins pumping to the moon, and people supposedly making fortunes left-right, and center.

I think it becomes easy for us to forget that there is real technology and benefits being built using cryptocurrency.

Which is one of the reasons I initially became so interested in crypto.

I like to listen to people that are way smarter than me that know how cryptocurrency will play out in the future and how it will benefit people's lives further.

I really think knowing this is important, especially when you are investing your hard-earned money in the market.

I like listening to people that are excited and passionate about crypto technology, and at the forefront, digging deep into the tech, not just pushing the next shit coin and moonshot.

I've personally always been a big fan of Naval Ravikant and Tim Ferris, in my opinion, I believe they are authentic, transparent, and genuine, and give NO BS information.

Their most recent podcast with Chris Dixon I believe is a must listen and really excites me for the future of cryptocurrency.

Here it is below, if you have the time I most definitely think it's worth a listen.

Also, this podcast with Tim Ferris, Naval Ravikant, and Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterim is an eye-opening podcast and really worth a listen as well.

Let me know your thoughts of these podcasts in the comments.

As always,

Safe trading.